I have been working and experimenting with multiple techniques for more than fifteen consecutive years, including encaustic, tempera, sculpture, and various types of painting techniques.

I worked with ceramics and various types of sculpture for four years. I have also been exposed to commercial design, layering etc, as well as some digital media. My specialization has been in the Printmaking field and has so far tried all of the mediums, concentrating in etching and lithography. I have been drawing daily for some twenty-four years, and have attended life-drawing classes for the past eleven years at a weekly basis. I have a solid base in art history and of various painting and printing techniques and feel confident to teach at any level. I have thought private art classes, children workshops and have given lectures at various high schools and universities on Lithography as well as in Open Studio.

I have also been enrolled in various art courses to improve my knowledge of various applied techniques. I have worked as a freelance illustrator, silkscreen printer and cartoonist. I am also the founder of “La Trinchera” art collective, a Latino Canadian Cultural Association which is a non profit working cultural group based in Toronto that attempts to give Latino and Latino Canadian art a permanent space in Canada by uniting the various art disciplines and producing continuous art events and exhibits, so far we have some thirty five member artists, this group has now changed its name into LCCA or Latino Canadian Cultural Association and has so far created various multidisciplinary festivals in the city of Toronto.. I have also been a juror at Open Studio for the Visiting Artist Selection Committee as well as the Toronto Arts Council Emerging artist Grant Committee. I have worked as a supervisor for the International Printmaking Biennale organized by StudiosLivan in Toronto.



Former President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Cuban President, Fidel Castro Ruz, Cuban popular singer, Silvio Rodriguez, Muralist Alfredo Zalce, the Mugrabi collection in New York, The IAGO Museum of Oaxaca Museum of Modern Art, The Madjanek provincial Museum in Lublin, Poland and Professor Rafael Zepeda in Mexico, Canadian artist Ed Pien, as well as the Puerto Rican Institute of Culture The Blue Mountain Center in New York State, The University of Art and Design in Taipei, The Tama University in Kyoto, The Museum of Modern Art in San Jose de Costa Rica, The MUSA Museo Sonorense de Arte, the Museum Boijman van Beunigen in Rotterdam, The Cultural House in Santa Ana, Colombia, and Guelph University. My works were selected as awards to the winning Latin American Directors in the 2002 International Latin American Film Festival or ALUCINE. I have works in collections in France, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, El Salvador, Colombia, Taiwan, Spain, Poland, Nicaragua, Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Trinidad and Tobago, The USA, and Canada amongst other places.

In late 2003 I was nominated amongst the 4 young Toronto artists to look for in the upcoming years in NOW Magazine by arts writer Thomas Hirshcmann. During the upcoming months I will be one of four jurors at the 2nd Salvador Allende Arts Festival for Peace, has become one of Toronto’s Latin American Communities prime art events. A selection of the work has also been accepted for a solo exhibition at the Justina Barnicke Gallery at the University of Toronto for 2007. Other confirmed venues are the juried traveling exhibition commemorating the30th anniversary of Visual Arts Ontario, which will showcase the artwork in five different venues throughout Ontario. I have also been part of a group show by resident artists at the Altos de Chavon Art Gallery in the Dominican Republic where I was an illustration professor for a semester. I will be Working on a collaborative print project with artists from Oaxaca, L.A and Tijuana, which will be exhibited at some point in these three cities. An article about my work was published by Juxtapose magazine in mid-2006. Upcoming exhibitions include a solo show in San Francisco, at the Paul Mahder Gallery, as well as solo shows at the Katharine Mulherin Gallery in Toronto, the Mulherin Pollard Gallery in New York, and a show of drawings at the Begona Malone gallery in Madrid Spain, as well as an itinerant group show on the theme of migration in Mexico, other group shows in Tijuana, Mexico, Miami, Italy and Barcelona are in the works.